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Testimonials for Muscle Growth Supplements with GlycoCarn®

GlycoCarn has long been regarded as a breakthrough formulation available in muscle growth supplements and nitric oxide products. The benefits of GlycoCarn are backed by clinical research and hundreds of testimonials touting its outstanding ability to enhance nitric oxide delivery, act as a fat burner and assist muscle recovery.

Below is a small sample of what people are saying about GlycoCarn.

Jordan Michiel - 11/29/10

GlycoCarn will help me achieve the gains I need to make to achieve first place in my next competition

Michael Ritter - 11/18/10

GlycoCarn The Best Supplement

Tommy Alston - 6/25/10

"As a natural body builder, diet, exercise and supplementation are paramount to reaching my goals, both personally and in competition. A few months back I added GlycoCarn® GPLC to my daily supplemental regimen and have had outstanding results. More energy, increased pump and I feel I am in the best shape of my life! Thank you GlycoCarn®."

Tommy Alston
Professional Natural Bodybuilder
Top 3 finisher in four musclemania world pro natural bodybuilding competitions

Victor Martinez - 5/27/10

The full dose of GlycoCarn is the real deal in nitric oxide!

"NO-BOMB is the most effective nitric oxide product I've ever used. I can train heavier, harder and longer, and the pumps are incredible. The full dose of GlycoCarn is the real deal in nitric oxide!"

Victor Martinez
International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB)
professional bodybuilder

Kai Green - 5/27/10

I could feel an incredible pump and power surge from the clinical dose of GlycoCarn

"I am very intuitive with my body and can tell right away when something's working for me. From the first time I took CODE RED, I could feel an incredible pump and power surge from the clinical dose of GlycoCarn. I won't train without CODE RED!"

Kai Green
International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB)
professional bodybuilder

Tony Parrish – 6/25/09

An Outstanding Nitric Oxide Product

"Maximizing my genetic potential safely and naturally has always been my focus when it comes to training and my supplementation. Sigma-Tau's science-based evidence attracted me to GlycoCarn® but the pumps, increases in strength and decreased recovery time will keep me on it."

Tony Parrish
9 year NFL Safety,
2-time All-Pro
716 Tackles
5 Sacks
30 Interceptions/ 670 yards
9 Forced Fumbles
70 Pass Breakups
2 Touchdowns

Tim Morehouse - 6/25/09

GlycoCarn – Clinically Proven Nitric Oxide Enhancer

"Fencing is a sport that incorporates energy, strength, agility, strength and focus. GlycoCarn® is the only ingredient clinically shown to improve all these areas. As a professional athlete, I am always looking for that edge that will help me outperform my opponent. Adding this sports-safe ingredient to your daily conditioning regimen can surely make a difference."

Tim Morehouse
Olympic silver medalist
Motivational speaker

Matt Jaggers - 6/25/09

GlycoCarn – Incredible Recovery Time Assistance

"I have been competing in wrestling tournaments since I was four years old. After highschool I began training in mixed martial arts and have been a professional fighter for four years now. I have experimented with a lot of supplements but never really found what I was looking for. Before my last fight in Tokyo Japan a friend and workout partner of mine Andy Galpin introduced me to GlycoCarn®. I took it a month before my fight when my workouts were at their peak. Not only did it help me keep up the intensity of my workouts but my recovery time was incredible. I have found what I was looking for and will never train for a fight again without GlycoCarn® in my corner!"

Matt Jaggers
Professional Mixed Martial Artist
Team Wolfpack/Bill Bowling's Karate Kountry
Muncie, Indiana

Armond Scipione - 4/30/09

Great Bodybuilding Supplement

"As a certified Nutritionist, Natural Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, and Regional Sales Manager for Life Extension®, I have tried virtually every supplement on the market.  Often with less than stellar results.  GlycoCarn® is the first supplement in many years that I am excited about!"
"Once I started supplementing with 3-5 grams per day, the results were almost instantaneous.  I immediately was able to train harder, had more energy, and experienced the most intense pumps of my life.  In fact, when I train biceps now, the pump is almost unbearable – to the point that it's very difficult to continue past 4 sets." 
"In addition, GlycoCarn® has sped up my recovery tremendously.  I am barely getting sore even though my workout intensity is increasing.  The increased recuperation ability is allowing me to increase my volume without overtraining."
"Finally, I have been able to gain strength while dieting down…something I have NEVER been able to do.  This past week alone, I dropped an inch off my waist while getting an extra 2 reps on my heaviest set of squats." 

Armond Scipione - Age 28
Florida Regional Sales Manager
Life Extension Foundation   

Dan Kaczmarek - 5/7/09

GlycoCarn – Nitric Oxide Boosters for Building Muscle

"My name is Dan Kaczmarek and am 41 years old.  I am a Personal Trainer and owner of Optimum Fitness in Irvine, California. Over the past 23 years I have been involved in a vast number of dietary and health programs, incorporating "innumerable" nutritional products.  In this industry of sports' enthusiasts and trainers, some of us "try anything and everything" if it might push us to another work-out level or achieve physical goals more quickly."

"About a year and a half ago, I was introduced to GlycoCarn® by my friend and business partner in our company NuVitality LLC., Dr. Tim Chapman.  At first I looked at the supplement as "just another product to try."  However, after approximately 10 days on 3 grams daily, I realized my workouts were much more productive and my post-exercise recovery was enhanced and it took less time to "regroup" as before taking GlycoCarn®. At first I thought that the normal 15-20% placebo effect was raising its head.  So, I stopped taking the GlycoCarn® for 2 weeks, but I definitely felt a decline in intensity with my training within 5 days."
"I have become a GlycoCarn® fan and I educate my clients on the advantages of the product both as a pre-workout and post-workout supplement."
"Thank you, Sigma-Tau, for the excellent job you do in supporting a product with seemingly exhaustive evidence-based science and clinical documentation. and I will continue using GlycoCarn® and educating its workout improvement effectiveness and over-all health benefits. This is why we added GlycoCarn® to our new Rejuvenator® product launching very soon."
Respectfully and Thankfully,

Danny Kaczmarek
Owner and Founder of Optimum Fitness - Irvine, California

Sebastian Balcombe - 2/25/09

GlycoCarn – The Backbone of our Muscle Growth Supplements

"At Athletic Edge Nutrition we have a tradition of bringing to market only the most cutting edge formula's based off the latest research in sports nutrition science. With our company's reputation known to push the envelope in both extreme muscle building and muscular performance, finding ingredients that can do this, while being backed by legitimate peer reviewed research is no easy task.  How many times have we seen ingredients that look great on paper or in a lab setting, only to have them disappoint us in real world applications, be it in the gym or athletic settings? GlycoCarn®-GPLC is one of these exceptional ingredients that are both research supported and most importantly, works in real world settings."

"After using GlycoCarn®-GPLC for months by itself and in combination with other ingredients, we hit on a combination of ingredients, utilizing GlycoCarn®-GPLC as the backbone of the NO complex that makes our pre-workout formula, PreSurge® like no other pre-workout formula before it.  You've never experienced extreme vascularity, strength and energy, until you've experienced PreSurge® enhanced with GlycoCarn®."
Sebastian Balcombe
Athletic Edge Nutrition

Keith Thomas - 2/1/09

GlycoCarn Increases Pump Ability of Muscle Growth Supplements

"As a former athlete and now owner of EST Nutrition, I am always seeking quality ingredients backed by proven science for my formulas. After researching GlycoCarn®, I decided to give it a try. By supplementing with 1.5–3.0 grams a day the increase in my pumps and the overall improvement in my workout performance were so significant, that I decided to utilize this ingredient in my new, non-arginine nitric oxide igniter product, called PLASMATIC™."

"PLASMATIC™ had been in R&D for almost 2 years while I was determining how to make this product one-of-a-kind. After my personal experience with GlycoCarn®, I knew this was what PLASMATIC™ was missing!"

"I recommend GlycoCarn® as a "stand alone" ingredient for athletes and our PLASMATIC™ to anyone…I even stake my name and reputation on it…"

"Science and results, they just don't lie!"

Keith Thomas, CEO/ Founder
EST Nutrition – Orlando, FL

Mark Post - 2/11/09

GlycoCarn for Cardiovascular Health

"While working for a natural health supplement sister company in 2007 (Rainbow Light®), I came across impressive research on GlycoCarn®-GPLC® and the various benefits for cardiovascular health. As my career path led me to the opportunity to become President of Champion Nutrition (sister company to Rainbow Light®) the following year, I recalled the research that I had reviewed on GlycoCarn® as a multi-clinically proven and certified USP nutritional dietary supplement ingredient. The additional benefits for athletes with regards to nitric oxide increases were sound. We quickly began testing the GlycoCarn® (GPLC) ingredient in pre-workout blended formulas and found the results for strength, energy and massive "Pumps" to be impressive. After months of development we launched Glypro®XTS Complete Stack and a Glypro®XTS stand alone item at the 2008 Mr. Olympia. As a sports nutrition company we support several professional athletes and have been fortunate enough to have a leading MMA fighter train with Glypro®XTS Complete Stack and to also become a world champion. Mike Brown won the WEC 145lb title in November 2008. Champion Nutrition is 100% committed to supporting our Glypro®XTS products containing GlycoCarn® and with that said we are backing that up by supporting an independent clinical research study of our Glypro®XTS product for its use regarding performance benefits. The results will be published Spring 2009. GlycoCarn® is a tremendous ingredient for any athlete training to be a Champion!!!"

Mark Post
Champion Nutrition

Iyon Wade - 1/30/09

Firmer Muscles, More Pump

Grant Henderson - 1/29/09

GlycoCarn for Bodybuilding Nutrition

Juan Carlos Santana- 1/28/09

GlycoCarn Provides Enormous Health Benefits

Joseph Perlingiero - 1/23/09

Improved My Workout

"I have been using Glycine Propionyl Carnitine From Sigma Tau For 8 months. I could immediately feel an improvement in my workout and how I feel on a daily basis. My focus, energy, endurance and weight control have improved dramatically. Since adding the Glycine Propional into my diet my body fat has reduced and I have dropped 30 pounds."



Joseph Perlingiero | Martial Artist
Vidal Sassoon - Creative Director Santa Monica Academy

Gordon Santee - 1/23/09

Increased Workout Intensity

"Over the years, I have been trying various natural products to increase my workout intensity and improve my competitive performance. Recently I have been using the Sigma-Tau HealthSciences GlycoCarn® during my workday to keep my energy level high, but the real advantage comes during my evening training sessions. While driving to the gym, I use one of the new Glyc N Go® chewable tablets to get me ready for an intense workout. Midway through the training session, I pop another Glyc N Go® tablet to keep my energy level high. I have won 13 world championships; hold 27 world powerlifting records and have seven national and world championship scheduled for this year. GlycoCarn® and Glyc N Go® are an integral part of my success and are included in my plans for even more powerlifting records and championships in 2008."

Best regards,
Gordon Santee

Tim Chapman, MD., IMS - 10/17/08

"Sigma-Tau has created, through exacting and impeccable scientific methodology, "aminocarnitine" products that have demonstrated in innumerable clinical venues their multiple bio-activities in fatty acid metabolism, mitochondrial transfer, lipid lowering effectiveness, iNOS up-regulation and evidence of effective lipid peroxidation inhibitory activity."

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Cary Nosler - host The Wide World of Health, broadcast on KSTE Talk 650 in Sacramento, California - 6/1/08

Researched Health Benefits

"As someone who has interviewed thousands of people and heard numerous stories about health practices and health products, the research on Sigma Tau's GPLC/GlycoCarn is particularly compelling. With its researched health benefits and especially its NO production, the GlycoCarn has become an integral part of my own daily regimen. Four grams first thing in the morning and four grams immediately after exercise are the ways I use it and I wouldn't be without it."

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Si-Fu (Master) Eric Oram*- Chief Instructor, LA Wing Chun Academy - 5/15/08

GlycoCarn – Endurance Supplements

"GlycoCarn is a major ingredient in my formula for success – it gives me the stamina, cardio support, and recovery I need to perform at my optimum level.  It is amazing.  Especially as I enter into the 40-Something Club, I can use all the help I can get!"

Eric Oram
Owner/Founder Wing Chun Kung-Fu Martial Arts Academy – Los Angeles, CA
Martial Arts Trainer to celebrities and others…

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